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Sam and Tai are two enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
their journeys led them to each other and inspired aspirexaccess, a platform which enables young adults to discover and pursue their own authentic paths to success. 

on their paths through higher education, finance and international development sam and tai observed two things: Young adults are often unaware of the vast array of opportunities available to them. what's more, they struggle to advocate for themselves when Faced with real world critical junctures.

The incubator program tackles this challenge.


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Samantha Witte is a German-Nigerian economist with a passion for economic empowerment. She has worked with young adults on self-development and career coaching throughout her studies and her years at the World Bank. She now works as a regulatory economist, tackling electricity challenges throughout Africa and beyond. She has previously led a student-run development fund in Ghana, and prepped university applicants for their interviews and cover letters. Sam brings her experience with non-governmental organizations to the team, and leads the Access component of AspireXAccess.


Tai Fayose


Tai is a British-Nigerian with a legal background in financial services. She has extensively coached professionals and young adults on self-development. These engagements and her personal journey have convinced her that confidence is key for setting your life goals and pursuing them successfully irrespective of your background. Combine this life lesson with her senior leadership position in regulatory compliance and Tai is equipped for leading the Aspire component of AspireXAccess.


WHat we have Achieved together:

Average increase in confidence pre-vs-post Program:


Increase in self-belief among most vulnerable participants:


Our achievements

Antonia's story

The World Bank

"I met Samantha during my last year as an undergraduate in Germany. Meeting her was not only a career-changing but a life-changing experience.  I am a first-generation college student, and I remember I was on the verge of accepting a job close to my hometown. However, my gut feeling told me something was missing - I was not done learning yet.  As a naturally motivated and highly inspirational personality, Sam pushed me to discover what I am truly passionate about. I found out that I yearned to understand how the world works - and decided to study International Relations abroad! As this degree was very expensive, Sam provided resources on scholarships I could access.  Sam's work was not done here. Besides her valuable soul-searching questions, she gave me courage and hope.  Courage to believe in myself and hope to not settle for less than I deserve. Of course, I had to do the leg work myself. Sam is a talented, intelligent woman with charisma, confidence, strong values and desire to make a huge difference in the world around her. I do not exaggerate when I say that I would not be the person I am now without her guidance. "

Tarik's critical juncture


"Samantha and I met while I was in my 2nd year of my Masters Degree at Oxford. I was unsure whether to pursue academia or move on to the non-academic workforce. Instead of giving a recommendation immediately, Samantha took the time to talk me through my interests in urban development and transportation. Through our informal coffee chats, I began to identify the topics and work-style that made me genuinely passionate about a career.


As a result, I ended up pursuing  a job as an economic and financial consultant. I now help cities plan and finance infrastructure, leading to more sustainable urban development. I have also had the opportunity to help the US government address some of the economic symptoms of the global pandemic. Thanks to Samantha, I started my post-graduate career on a good foot!"


Onyinye's journey

Sussex University

"I met Sam and Tai at a very crucial point in my life. I had become disillusioned with my career path and was feeling unsure and nervous about my skills and following my passion for international development. Sam and Tai asked me the tough questions and I discovered that I could have a fulfilling career if I followed what the Incubator refers to as "your inner guiding star". Sam and Tai worked with me on an array of challenges. Everything from working with me to review my cv, brainstorming how I define meaning and even sharing opportunities my way. I recommend AspireXAccess as a career mentoring hub, mostly for the genuine interest Tai and Sam have in our individual paths to success."

Marcia's results

CDC Group

"Tai was enlisted in the winter of 2019 to mentor me in the areas of gravitas and the cultivation of a personal brand. From day 1 I was impressed by her dedication and commitment, combined with a details-orientated and human-centric approach to providing valuable advice and tools for enhancing my career development. Without hesitation, she made herself accessible for quick check-ins outside of scheduled catch-ups whenever I needed guidance on any dilemmas. The ‘little things’ like dressing for the occasion and reading the room have been incredibly impactful for me - immediately noticeable by many around me. Tai has always believed in me and has been a tireless advocate of my work, for which I will forever be grateful to her. I can safely say that her methods work! No surprise for someone so caring, talented, highly intelligent and successful. I look up to Tai, and it’s no exaggeration to say that she is an incredible asset to have founded and be a part of AspireXAccess."

And more...


Work with us: 

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