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The Incubator program

Giving young adults the tools for finding success in school, work and life

We take motivated young adults on a 1-month self-development journey. Those that choose to join work through 2 steps:

Step 1 Selection

Pupils register their interest in our Incubator program on our website or when we visit their school.

Step 2 Incubator

We introduce selected pupils to our virtual program, during which they experience mentoring sessions and speaker series along two dimensions:

Aspiration and Access 


  • MindMaps are the first step of the program and are created by and with pupils in virtual sessions to discover and track aspirations

  • 1:1 Information Sessions give pupils access to conversations with university students and professionals in their fields of interest


  • Career Speaker Series gives access to the journeys and stories of  diverse individuals that are having an impact

  • Scholarship, internship and degree resources are made available in 1 virtual space


The MindMap

The MindMap is a powerful tool allowing those that create it to develop and articulate their life aspirations, strengths and perceived areas for growth.

The MindMap is the anchor piece of the Incubator Program. Those that join the program start by creating their own MindMaps in a guided session hosted by Sam and Tai.


It then remains alive as a guide throughout the program and beyond...